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A Scottish local authority had plans to improve their building maintenance organisation's performance

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Interim Management

Interim Management – Just More Consultancy Spin or a Real Working Tool?

Are you fed up with the traditional management consultant telling you what you already know and leaving you only with an expensive report and you to do the difficult bit – making it happen? Then why not consider interim management?

Bringing management consultants in for a focused assignment works well where you are clear about what is required, however often that is not the case. By using an interim manager you can task the interim manager in a variety of ways to suit your changing need and priorities. rossnicholls have successfully delivered a variety of interim assignments ranging from desk based reviews and the one off delivery of key management tasks through to running services and managing large public sector projects.

Our experience has been that organisations realise there are many other benefits from using interim managers such as:

  • The ability to start within days.
  • You get the services of well qualified, successful managers bringing tremendous experience to address your organisations issues and challenges.
  • Your results are delivered consistently and quickly.
  • Skills, contacts and experience is transferred to your own teams which will provide long-term added value after the assignment ends.
  • Helping keep down costs by paying for what you require rather than recruiting and paying for a full time post.
  • “Hitting the ground running” and taking the reins of the task quickly and confidently.
  • Being adaptable in management style to suit the needs of your teams.

Much of the interim's value comes not just from their skills but also their independence of thought, voice and ability not to be deflected from the task in hand through carrying out the general corporate duties associated with senior posts.

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