Case Study

A group of public sector organizations won a lottery grant to improve an area in Central Scotland.

We are currently preparing case studies and these will be available shortly

Working Together

Organisational change has become necessary in many industries to help them to stay competitive, productive and profitable. But it is the increasing frequency of change that is causing problems for many organisations. Re-organising to match your new business situation, finacial or service delivery needs requires thought time and effort.

The impact of change is dramatic and has an effect, whether major or minor, on all employees involved. It is unsettling and is inevitably carried out by staff who also have a day job of keeping your business or service performing and producing.

Therefore any change needs to be well supported and handled carefully to make sure it works the way you want it to work. rossnicholls has wide and successful experience of supporting organisations to deliver change, both large and small, through helping organisations to:

  • Identify what your change objectives mean to your current service set-up and staff.
  • Work with, supporting and challenging your staff and teams to raise awareness and understanding of the issues and challenges they face.
  • Harness their skills, knowledge and experience to work out what needs to be done to systems and processes.
  • Establish how teams should be organised and what skills they need to acquired to make it work.
  • Establish management and governance processes to make sure it can be managed, controlled and continue to deliver the required performance.
  • Support the new teams to bed down into their new roles and systems.

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